Building and Zoning

The Development Department is responsible for issuing both zoning and building permits for projects in the City of Monroe. While Development staff is responsible for all zoning review, the City contracts with National Inspection Corporation (NIC) for building department services, including building plans review and inspections. All applications, plans, and fees are submitted through the City of Monroe. We accept both hard copy (no larger than 11"x17" format) and electronic submittal to 


Questions regarding zoning permits, submittal requirements, or zoning code regulations should be directed to the City of Monroe Development Department at 513-539-7374 or Please refer to Forms for applications and fees. 

Need to know the zoning of a particular property? Our City Zoning Map is searchable by address or parcel identification number and available for public use. Please always verify zoning with Staff by emailing or calling us at extension 1019. 

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Questions regarding building permit requirements, fees, building code, or inspections should be directed to NIC at 888-433-4642. Please refer to Forms for applications and fees.


The repair or construction of driveways, curbing, gutters, and sidewalk requires approval from the City’s Public Works Department and, for some projects, compliance with zoning requirements from the Development Department. Public Works is located at 1000 Holman Avenue and can be reached at 513-727-8953.

water and sewer

The City of Monroe provides drinking water for most of the City. Sewer lines and some water lines fall under the jurisdiction of Butler County Water and Sewer. Butler County Water and Sewer is located at 130 High Street in Hamilton and can be reached at 513-887-3066. For information on the tap-in fees for both water and wastewater projects, contact Donna Campbell at 513-539-7374, extension 1413.


The Butler County Health Department handles all plumbing permits within the city, regardless of which county the property is located in. The Butler County Health Department is located at 301 South Third Street in Hamilton and can be reached at 513-863-1770.