The City of Monroe purchases water from the Butler County Water & Sewer Department (BCWS), who obtains the water from the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) and the City of Hamilton.   

Water coming from the Greater Cincinnati Water Works and from the City of Hamilton is primarily supplied by the Great Miami Buried Aquifer.  The City of Monroe, in partnership with Butler County, closely monitors the water quality, assuring that it meets all state and federal standards.

Each house or building has it's own water meter.  The City of Monroe water meters use advanced technology that transmits readings electronically through radio waves.  

Meter readings are obtained monthly, usually around the 14th.  
The unit of measure that Monroe uses for billing is per gallon.

Monthly water usage is calculated by finding the difference between each of the monthly readings.  

Reading taken January 14th - 856905 
Reading taken February 14th - 860782
Water usage from January 14th to February 14th = 3,877 gallons.  
(860782 - 856905 = 3,877)

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North Main Street Water Tower Vertical

The City of Monroe's water system consists of:

- 3 water towers
- More than 4,600 water meters
- Approximately 790 fire hydrants
- Over 502,000 linear feet of water main