Rosemont Park

Nature Preserve

Rosemont Park is a nature preserve located at 6388 Hamilton Middletown Road and is open every day from dawn to dusk, weather permitting.  The park opened on November 1, 2019.  In conjunction with Butler Tech,  the Monroe Public Works Department worked for two  years to get the park ready to open to the public, transforming the area from overgrown brush to a beautiful nature trail for all to enjoy.  In 2020 and 2021 Monroe Public Works completed stormwater improvements to the park including the construction of a detention pond and emergency spillway, with the addition of two wooden bridges to carry the trail over the new infrastructure. An interpretive display provided by a joint partnership between Monroe and Duke Energy answers the question "What is water detention and why is it important?" and several native plant species have been planted to reduce erosion and provide food and habitat for our local pollinators. 

Monroe Public Works continues to make improvements to the park, including the installation of tree identification markers and the addition of pavers at locations where the trail crosses stormwater features. Stop by to see native bumblebees visiting the many wildflowers and enjoy a serene moment by the shaded pond, or come to experience the stillness of fall and winter. For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 513-727-8953.

Monroe is proud to share Rosemont Park with the public for walking, hiking and enjoyment of nature. 

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Rosemont Park Entrance off SR-4 from Above

This overhead view of Rosemont Park shows the park entrance along Hamilton-Middletown Rd and glimpses of the nature trail through the heavy tree canopy. Rosemont Park is a lovely example of an urban forest and provides residents with ample opportunities to get back to nature. How many birds will you see? You might stumble upon young rabbits munching on vegetation or see turtles in the pond. Picking of wildflowers and fishing in the pond are prohibited—Please leave the nature to nature!