All permits are through the City's Development Department.  Accessory Structure Permits and Sign Permits are typically processed within 3-5 business days.  Building Permits are processed within 7-10 business days. Please note that any commercial entity applying for any type of permit must have a valid Zoning Permit on file with the City.

To apply for an Accessory Structure Permit (decks, sheds, gazebos, pools, etc.), you will need to complete the Zoning Permit Application form and submit it to the Development Department with a plot plan or recent aerial photograph that shows where the proposed structure will be located and the distance from each property line.  If you do not have a plot plan or aerial photograph, please contact the Development Department.

To apply for a Sign Permit, you will need to complete the Sign Permit Application form and submit it to the Development Department a site plan of the property showing the size and location of the proprosed sign and a sketch/photo showing the size, shape, dimension, and colors of the sign.  You will also need to submit an elevation drawing.

To apply for a Building Permit, you will need a completed Building Permit Applicationand four copies of the project plans.  Drawings may not be required for some types of work such as HVAC replacements.  In some situations such as decks, NIC will accept computerized drawings often provided by home improvement stores.  Any sign more than 6' off of finished grade requires drawings sealed by a design professional.  Contact National Inspection Corporation to determine what type of project plans are required.

Once the permit applications have been reviewed and approved, the Development Department will notify you that the permit is ready to be picked up.  Any remaining fees must be paid before the permit can be released.  The City accepts cash, checks (made payable to City of Monroe) or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.)  We cannot mail approved permits until you provide a paid, self-addressed envelope.


If you  would like to view the status of the building permit application please use follow the link below: of Monroe


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