Certain construction requires zoning approval through City Staff and Planning Commission.  Zoning approval is intended to preserve or improve the character of the surrounding area and ensure that the goals of the Comprehensive Plan are being considered.

Zoning Permit

All new businesses, relocating business, new uses and home occupations must receive a Zoning Permit.  The application fee is $100.  All permit applicants must have an approved Zoning Permit before any building or sign permits can be processed or approved.

Conditional Uses - see Section 1203.07

Conditional Uses vary according to the zone that the business is located in.  Table 1204-3: Principally Permitted Uses provides some guidance as to what is a conditional use under Monroe's Zoning Code.  Conditional Use applications require Planning Commission approval.

Signs - see Chapter 1214

Sign regulations vary depending on the zone that the business is located in (zoning map).  However, all signage, including ground, free-standing, and wall signage needs to be approved by City staff.  The only exception to this provision is real estate signs under specific circumstances, which can be found in Section 1214.13(E).

Although the complete sign regulations can be found in the Zoning Code, these handouts may be useful:

Permanent Signage Handout

Temporary Signage Handout

Site Plan Review - see Chapters 1236, 1270 and 1274

Site plan review by staff and Planning Commission is required for new construction of commercial buildings. Site plan review is not necessary if the expansion of a commercial building will result in an increase in gross floor area of 25% or less of the existing building square footage and associated parking.

Applicants (Site Plan Review Application) for site plan approval are encouraged to review the site plan standards (Chapter 1208), architectural standards (Chapter 1210), off street parking and loading requirements (Chapter 1211), and landscaping & buffer yard standards (Chapter 1212) found in the Monroe Planning and Zoning Code.

Planned Unit Development Approval - see Chapter 1203

The City of Monroe Planning Commission approves all Planned Unit Developments (PUDs).  Creating a PUD is a five stage review process consisting of a pre-application conference with City staff, filing the preliminary PUD plan and application, staff review and Planning Commission review of the application with Planning Commission making a recommendation to City Council, preliminary PUD plan approval through City Council, and final PUD plan approval through Planning Commission.

Preliminary/ Final Plats - see Sections 1203.04 (minor) and 1203.05 (major)

Minor subdivisions (application) are subject to review and determination by the Code Enforcement Officer, although the Code Enforcement Officer may consult with other departments and agencies as needed.  Minor subdivisions occur when all of the following conditions are met: (1) the subdivision will result in no more than five lots after the original tract has been completely subdivied; (2) the subdivision will occur along an existing public street; (3) the subdivision will not result in the creation, widening, or extension or any street or road; and (4) the proposed subdivision will not be contrary to the applicable provisions of th Monroe Zoning Code. 

Major subdivisions include any subdivision that includes the construction or a public roadway, that does not meet the requirements of a minor subdivision, or that includes the improvement of one or more parcels of land for residential, commercial, or industrial structures, or groups of structures which ultimately are to be jointly owned under a recorded condominium property declaration under the provisions of ORC Chapter 5311.

Major subdivisions require a pre-application conference with the Code Enforcement Officer, submittal of the application and official filing of the preliminary plat, staff review and report of the preliminary plat to Planning Commission for their determination as to approving, approving with conditions, or denying the plat.  If approved or approved with conditions, the plat moves forward by submitting the construction drawings to the Code Enforcement Officer and City Engineer for review.  Final plats are reviewed by Planning Commission, which makes a recommendation to City Council.   

Rezoning - see Section 1203.03

All rezoning applications require a pre-meeting with staff as well as Planning Commission review/recommendation and City Council approval.  Petition for Amendment applications requires approval by Planning Commission and in addition to approval of an ordinance by City Council.  The entire process can take up to four months for approval and enactment.