Current Income Tax Forms

Amended Individual Income Tax Form

Application for Extension

Change of Address

2016 Business Income Tax Form

2016 Individual Income Tax Form

2016 Individual Income Tax Form-Information

Annual reconciliation W2 format for Employers (Disk or thumb drive submission)

Non-Resident Refund Request

Non-Resident Refund Request-Attachment (Days out of Town)

Power of Attorney

Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

Form W1-Withholding Tax Forms-Monthly

Form W1-Withholding Tax Forms-Quarterly

Form W3-Withhoding Year End Reconciliation


Previous Years Income Tax Forms 


2013 Business Income Tax Form

2013 Business Income Tax Form-Instructions

2013 Individual Income Tax Form

2013 Individual Income Tax Form-Instructions

2014 Business Income Tax Form

2014 Business Income Tax Form-Instructions

2014 Individual Income Tax Form

2014 Individual Income Tax Form-Instructions

2015 Business Income Tax Form

2015 Business Income Tax Form-Instructions

2015 Individual Income Tax Form

2015 Individual Income Tax Form-Instructions


Due Dates

January 15, 2017-December (2016) Withholding remittance 

January 31, 2017-Fourth Quarter (2016) Witholding remittance

February 15, 2017-January Withholding remittance

February 28, 2017-Annual Withholding Reconciliation

March 15, 2017-February Withholding remittance

April 15, 2017-First Quarter Estimated Tax payment, March Withholding remittance

April 18, 2017-Extension Request, Individual Income Tax Return, Business Income Tax Return

April 30, 2017-First Quarter Withholding remittance

May 15, 2017-April Withholding remittance

June 15, 2017-May Withholding remittance 

July 15, 2017-Second Quarter Estimated Tax payment, June Withholding remittance

July 31, 2017-Second Quarter Withholding remittance

August 15, 2017-July Withholding remittance

September 15, 2017-Third Quarter Estimated Tax payment, August Withholding remittance

October 15, 2017-September Withholding remittance

October 31, 2017-Third Quarter Withholding remittance

November 15, 2017-October Withholding remittance

December 15, 2017-Fourth Quarter Estimated Tax Payment, November Withholding remittance

January 15, 2018-December (2017) Withholding remittance

January 31, 2018-Fourth Quarter (2017)Withholding remittance


Estimated and Withholding Remittance Schedule Information

Filing Requirements

Estimated Tax payments are required by Ordinance if the Tax Liability for the previous year is $200 or more. Estimated Tax Payments are due each quarter.

Withholding remittance is required by Oridnance for all local businesses. If the withholding is greater than $200 per month, the payment is due monthly. For withholding less than $200 per month, the payment is due quarterly.