Current Income Tax Forms

2017 Business Income Tax Form

2017 Business Income Tax Form-instructions

2017 Individual Income Tax Form

2017 Individual Income Tax Form-instructions

ACH Authorization Form (to be used with Installment and Payment Plan Agreements)

Amended Individual Income Tax Form

Application for Extension

Change of Address

Income Tax Rate Increase Exemption Form

Non-Resident Refund Request

Non-Resident Refund Request-Attachment (Days out of Town)

Payment Plan Agreement

Penalty Abatement Request Form

Power of Attorney

Quarterly Estimated Tax Form

Form W1-Withholding Tax Forms-Monthly

Form W1-Withholding Tax Forms-Quarterly

Form W3-Withholding Year End Reconciliation


Previous Years Income Tax Forms 


2014 Business Income Tax Form

2014 Business Income Tax Form-Instructions

2014 Individual Income Tax Form

2014 Individual Income Tax Form-Instructions

2015 Business Income Tax Form

2015 Business Income Tax Form-Instructions

2015 Individual Income Tax Form

2015 Individual Income Tax Form-Instructions

2016 Business Income Tax Form

2016 Individual Income Tax Form

2016 Individual Income Tax Form-Information


Due Dates

January 15, 2018-December (2017) Withholding remittance 

January 31, 2018-Fourth Quarter (2017) Witholding remittance

February 15, 2018-January Withholding remittance

February 28, 2018-Annual Withholding Reconciliation

March 15, 2018-February Withholding remittance

April 15, 2018-First Quarter Estimated Tax payment, March Withholding remittance

April 18, 2018-Extension Request, Individual Income Tax Return, Business Income Tax Return

April 30, 2018-First Quarter Withholding remittance

May 15, 2018-April Withholding remittance

June 15, 2018-May Withholding remittance 

July 15, 2018-Second Quarter Estimated Tax payment, June Withholding remittance

July 31, 2018-Second Quarter Withholding remittance

August 15, 2018-July Withholding remittance

September 15, 2018-Third Quarter Estimated Tax payment, August Withholding remittance

October 15, 2018-September Withholding remittance

October 31, 2018-Third Quarter Withholding remittance

November 15, 2018-October Withholding remittance

December 15, 2018-November Withholding remittance

January 15, 2019-December (2018) Withholding remittance, Fourth Quarter (2018) withholding remittance

January 31, 2019-Fourth Quarter (2018) Estimated Tax Payment


Estimated and Withholding Remittance Schedule Information

Filing Requirements

Estimated Tax payments are required by Ordinance if the Tax Liability for the previous year is $200 or more. Estimated Tax Payments are due each quarter.

Withholding remittance is required by Oridnance for all local businesses. If the withholding is greater than $200 per month, the payment is due monthly. For withholding less than $200 per month, the payment is due quarterly.