Is your water usage increasing every month but you don’t think you are using any more water than usual??  There are some things that you as the homeowner can check: 

  1. Toilets – this is the #1 problem of high usage – a simple test to do is put a few drops of food coloring in the back of the toilet tank and wait about 1 hour – if the same color is now in the bowl of the toilet – you will need to check (in most cases replace) the plunger and seal in the toilet tank – water is going from the tank into the toilet and down the sewer – in most cases you can’t even hear the water running.  A running toilet or toilets can use a lot of water in a month’s time.
  2. Water Softner – If you have a water softner – please check periodically – especially after any power outages – some of the older softeners have trouble re-setting themselves and are constantly filling up the tank and expelling water down the sewer without even going through the softening process, which can use a tremendous amount of water during a month’s time.
  3. Outside hose/spicket – please check to make sure that the knob is completely turned off at the spicket – especially during summer months when you may be watering grass, flowers or shrubs, or washing vehicles.
  4. All indoor faucets – make sure they are completely turned off and there are no drips from faucet or under the cabinets.
  5. Water Heater-make sure there are no leaks, or the tank is not constantly filling up.

 If you have checked all of the above, and your water usage is still increasing monthly, you can contact the water department at (513) 539-7374 Ext #1000 to request to set up an appointment to have the water technicians come to your home and walk through to see if they can spot any possible problems. If you refuse to do the food coloring test and the high usage is the result of a running/leaking toilet, a fee of $25.00 will be added to your next bill. *An adult over the age of 18 must be present at the time of the appointment.