Utility Water Deposit will increase to $200 for all NEW tenants beginning September 1, 2017.

City Council has approved revisions to Chapter 1040 of the Codified Ordinances to include an increase in the rental deposit amount required for non-owner occupied properties from $75 to $200. The rate had not been increased since 2004 and will now be comparable to surrounding jurisdictions. The deposit will help to offset final balances on a utility account when a tenant moves from a property. The deposit will be applied to a tenant’s final utility bill and any remaining deposit balance will be refunded to the tenant.

A Utility Trip Charge approved at $35 per trip for disconnection and reconnection of services.

As part of the revisions, Council has also approved a $35 per trip charge for the disconnection and reconnection of water service. This per trip charge replaces the single combined disconnect/reconnect fee of $50.


You can view the full Chapter 1040 ordinance at water ordinance.