Monroe Firefighters spend three days putting out a rash of fires!

Luckily it was all in the name of training, firefighters spent three days of training at Butler Tech reviewing the skills that save lives, not only those of the public, but also those of the firefighters themselves. Firefighters spent time reviewing such topics as ladders, fire hose advancement, and  search and rescue skills. It is not everyday that firefighters have opportunites to practice the skills that can save lives. It is through trainings such as those recently conducted that allow firefighters to stay current on their skills. While these trainings can never replace the real events, they do help to drive home lessons from the classroom. Firefighters advanced hoselines into burning rooms, some reach temperatures in excess of 600 degrees, rescued victims, put out fires and saved property. It is an often over used cliche' in the fire service but one that is no less true " You can never learn enough about a job that can kill you".