In order to facilitate the functioning of Council and to coordinate Council's operations with the Manager and administration, the following Committees of Council have been established with their respective areas of responsibility. These committees are intended to complement and not conflict with the duties of the Manager and the administration as developed in the Charter. All committees are developed to assist the administration and to provide Council with information regarding the functions of the City.

Public Works Committee. One Member of the Public Works Committee shall also be the Council liaison to the Park and Recreation Board. The Members of the Public Works Committee are Steve Black, Anna Hale, and Bob Kelley. The Public Works Committee shall be responsible for:
a. Review of the utilities of the City, including presentation of any legislation pertaining to the Utility Department;
b. Providing information to Council on the condition of City utilities;
c. Review and development of improvement projects relating to City utilities;
d. Review and development of long range utility plans for the City;
e. Review of all street improvement and maintenance programs;
f. Provide recommendations to Council regarding the maintenance and improvement programs for streets, including budget recommendations;
g. Development and implementation of a master street improvement program. This function shall include the priority, type of work necessary, and method of financing;
h. Review all Park use rules and regulations;
i. Development and implementation of a Park Development and Open Spaces Master Plan. This funtion shall include the priority and method of financing;
j. Review of all Cemetery Rules and Regulations; and
k. Review of the Storm Water Master Plan.

Finance Committee. The Members of the Finance Committee are Suzi Rubin and Lora Stillman. The Finance Committee shall be responsible for:

a. Review of budget and appropriation ordinances;
b. Presentation of all budget and appropriations ordinances to Council;
c. Reporting the financial condition of the City to Council with any recommendations toward the improvement of the City financial conditions;
d. Developing recommendations to Council regarding the financing of any capital improvement projects;
e. Review all rates and fees charged by the City, including, but not limited to, rates for water, sewer service, storm water, trash collection, street lights, and miscellaneous permits and licenses; and
f. Providing Council with recommendations for any rate or fee increases.

Administrative Liaison Committee. The Mayor shall serve as the only member of the Administrative Liaison Committee. The Administrative Liaison Commiteee shall be responsible for:

a. Providing general contact with the City Manager and providing such assistance to the Manager in any areas when specifically requested by the Manager; and
b. Providing contact between Council, the Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Personnel Board.

Technology Committee. The Members of the Technology Commitee are Steve Black and Suzi Rubin. The Technology Committee shall be responsible for:

a. Review of emerging technology and how such technology can be implemented for the betterment of business and residential community, as well as, the operation of the City. Review may include, but not be limited to, cable television upgrades, wireless, fiber opteic, satellite services, and cell based services; and
b. Review of website design and development with specific direction towards "E-Government" and "E-Business."

Public Involvement Committee. The Members of the Public Involvement Committee are Steve Black, Todd Hickman, and Suzi Rubin. The Public Involvement Committee shall be responsible for:

a. Directing of special events of the City; and
b. Public Art Festivals, Events, etc.

Public Safety Committee.  The Members of the Public Safety Committee are  Steve Black, Bob Kelley, and Todd Hickman.  The Public Safety Committee shall be responsible for:

a. Review and make recommendations concerning the operation of the Departments of Fire and Police.

Temporary Committees. Council may from time to time, by motion, appoint a temporary committee for involvement in a certain project that does not fall under the duties of the committees set forth above.