Bike units have proven effective in enhancing positive community relations, in tactical and covert patrol and in rapid response during periods of extreme traffic congestion. Our bike patrol officers can arrive on scene literally within seconds at auto accidents, fire alarms, bar fights and medical emergency calls in the city.
The Monroe Police Department's Bicycle Unit is made up of 9 officers. These officers volunteered for this unit, have successfully completed a 40-hour bicycle-patrol instruction course, and are nationally certified bicycle-patrol officers.
The officers have access to the department's patrol bicycles when on duty. The bikes, which are speed mountain bikes, and the related equipment, cost around $1,100.00 each.
Bicycle patrol, in addition to other types of patrol, has emerged as an effective way to patrol today's communities. It allows and officer to cover more ground and at the same time provides less of a barrier than a vehicle for improving community relations. In addition, the bicycles allow officers to get into areas that normally are not easily accessible by patrol vehicles, and allows the officers to "sneak-up" on the bad guys. The bicycle unit works in predetermined areas of the neighborhoods, and at special events. The availability and use of this type of patrol is dependant upon the bicycle officers schedules, the necessity of motorized patrol, and of course, the weather Image015
Since 2008, our bicycle patrol has ridden many miles made arrests involving various crimes. Feedback from the public has been overwhelmingly positive. The bicycle is more approachable than a patrol car and the public feels that the police officers are more accessible. Look for the bicycle patrol in your neighborhood, and don't be afraid to say hello