In an effort to help resolve criminal cases involving Identity Theft, Retail Theft, Credit Card Fraud, and various other crimes, the Monroe Police Department recently began using the internet website was created to assist Law Enforcement in identifying suspects or persons of interest related to criminal activity.  Those helping identify subjects on the site can receive a $25 reward.  Every day images of unidentified suspects or persons of interest are added to the website by Law Enforcement.  The public can view these images and provide identifying information about the subjects in an anonymous format. We will post suspects to be identified as the need arises. We will retract the pictures once they have been identified.

There is also a Crime Stoppers tab on our Police Website (click here), which posts the same or similar information on crimes in the City of Monroe, to which we are requesting help from the public. Please remember also to view persons of interest or wanted persons on Crime Stoppers 

Every year there are billions of dollars in losses directly related to Identity Theft.  There are also over 1 billion dollars in annual losses by businesses due to Retail Theft.  Citizens ultimately pay for these losses since costs are typically passed on to consumers.  The Monroe Police Department encourages citizens to visit, Crime Stoppers, and our website to help ensure the success of this partnership.