Drivers in Ohio can now be ticketed for texting. The Monroe Police Department is promoting safe driving by advising the community of this New Law in effect.

Ohio Revised Code section 4511.204

$ tickets for texting begin Today March 1st 2013.
People who text or fiddle with other hand-held electronic devices while driving anywhere in Ohio could get a ticket, and teens face stricter prohibitions.
So if you have a habit of texting behind the wheel, now is the time to break yourself of a dangerous practice. Motorists are banned from texting or sending email while driving. That includes texting while stopped in traffic or waiting for a light to change. The new law is much stricter on teenagers below 18 years old.

Texting while driving is a secondary offense for drivers 18 and older. That means an officer has to stop a driver for another offense first, such as speeding.

But drivers who are minors are not allowed to text or use cell phones or other hand-held devices. For them it's a primary offense.

The law carries possible fines of $150 for the first offense. Repeat offenders could face a $300 fine. For teenagers, it could mean their license gets suspended for 60 days

The Ohio State law doesn't trump city ordinances on texting or cell phone use that might be tougher.

The Law does allow the driver to text and use their cell phone in cases of an emergency.