DSCN0736The Monroe Police Department is holding bike rodeos in July to increase awareness about bicycle safety and a reminder to children to be safe while riding.  The event is free and geared for children 12 and under, but everyone is welcome.  There is a small obstacle course set up for children.  The rodeo includes bicycle safety tips, free reflectors, coloring books, and free bike helmets for children while supplies last.  We will also have free registration in case your bike is found so officers can return it to the owner.  

The schedule is:

July 6th at 1 pm - Fox Run Place
July 9th at 10 am - Foalrun Court
July 9th at 1 pm - Kenwood Court
July 13th at 10 am - Edgewood Drive
July 13th at 1 pm - Pleasant Court
July 16th at 10 am - Wyandot Woods
July 16th at 1 pm - Ambergreen Court
July 27th at 10 am - Scott Alan Drive
July 27th at 1 pm - Macintosh Lane
July 30th at 10 am - Overbrook
July 30th at 1 pm - Babbling Brook