About the City of Monroe

The City of Monroe was founded in 1817 and we are very proud with what it has grown to today. The City of Monroe is working towards being one of the, if not the best, 21st Century Community. Monroe still holds that small town feeling with the ease of access to places of employment, shopping, and transportation. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site and continue to check back frequently for updates. If there is something you cannot locate or additional information you would like to see on our site, please send us an email or call 513-539-7374 extension 1012.
Monroe is excited about celebrating 200 years this year.  We have a lot of exciting events planned throughout the year.  Follow us on Twitter - @Monroe200, Facebook - Monroe 200, or check out our website at www.Monroe2017.org.  You can also send an email or call 513-539-7374 extension 1012.MONROE BICENTENNIAL REWORKED small