Forms, Permits & Requests


If you are replacing or expanding a driveway, outside of the right-of-way, a zoning permit is required as opposed to a right-of-way permit.

The following applications are reviewed by the Development Staff.  They can be reached at 513-539-7374 with any questions you may have.  Additionally, if you are looking to construct an accessory structure such as a detached deck, a shed, a pole barn, or an in-ground or above-ground pool, you will need to apply for an accessory structure permit. Pools and other structures being attached to a portion of the home also require a building permit. Also, any accessory structure over 200 square feet requires a building permit in addition to the zoning permit. Please find the links to those forms below and if you have any questions regarding them, call 513-539-7374:

You may submit the following forms online. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Public Works Administrative Assistant, Donna Campbell at 513-727-8953 regarding the forms below.


If you would prefer to print the above two forms as the Fill-In PDF version they are located below along with Right of Way Permit Fill-In PDF and the City of Monroe’s Concrete Specifications for 2020.

All Public Works forms can be emailed to


If you are a contractor who needs to rent a fire hydrant meter, click here to fill out a request.