The Development Department is responsible for the City’s current land use and development policies, as well as long-range planning strategies. These include managing the orderly development and growth of the community by overseeing the implementation of various studies and strategic plans.

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The City Comprehensive Plan website, has been updated and is ready for your input! All recommendations of the Steering Committee have been updated into draft versions of the following:


  • Vision Statement
  • Goal Statements
  • Future Land Use Map
  • Land Use Description Handout
  • Future Transportation Map
  • Future Recreation Map

We encourage you to explore the new website and submit any feedback through the home page, the “About the Plan” page, or the “Contact” page where you can send us comments and questions. Please share this with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. We will be using your feedback as an opportunity to continue to refine the plan recommendations and ultimately present a final draft document at a public hearing, anticipated at the June 15th Planning Commission meeting. Additional public input will also occur during the City Council process, which we anticipate the following month in July.

Future updates and announcements will be posted to the website, including future meetings and events, as this project concludes. We will send out email updates every time a new announcement or document is posted.


In 2018, the City with UC EconomCapture Opens in new windowics Center completed a housing study to analyze the community’s existing housing stock and to plan for future growth. Click either image to read the summary or full report.

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The Comprehensive Plan provides the framework that guides future development. The Comprehensive Plan addresses topics such as the overall vision for the City, recent and projected growth patterns, changing demographics, anticipated land use needs, transportation planning, and sustainability. The 2010 Comprehensive Plan is provided below.

Executive Summary (PDF)

Executive Summary

Complete Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Complete Comphrensive Plan

Plan Boundary

Plan Boundary

Existing Land Uses (PDF)

Existing Land Uses

Future Residential Areas (PDF)

Future Residential Areas

Future Park Areas (PDF)

Future Park Areas

Future Commercial & Industrial Areas (PDF)

Future Residential Areas

Transportation Plan (PDF)

Transportation Plan