Communications Center

The Monroe Communication Center (MCC) serves the citizens of Monroe on a twenty-four hour basis. The MCC is responsible for dispatching all Police, Fire, and Emergency Medcical Service (EMS) calls in the city. With a state of the art, computerized dispatch center, this is the nerve center of the City and the point of contact for its citizens. Monroe’s Communication Officers also serve as an after-hours contact regarding public works matters and they also activate the City Weather Sirens.

The Communication Center staff is dedicated and ready to assist the citizens of Monroe in their time of need.

Our Technology

The Communication Center handles all varieties of calls and are now part of the Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS) which has greatly improved the safety of the officers, firefighters, and citizens. BRICS uses a digital 800 MHz system to provide voice communication for every public safety agency in Butler county and will allow agencies to communicate with one another in the event of any incident large or small. This will assist with getting information to responders faster and more efficiently.

The Center also monitors a GPS system for the officers which assist in getting the nearest officer dispatched to a call location. It also greatly increases the safety of officers if communication is lost with them in an emergency situation and it will show Communication Officers the last known location of that unit.