Water Meter & Reading Equipment Fee

Your water meter is a precision instrument built to the exacting standards of the industry. The device is used to measure water usage in gallons.

Water Meter Requirements

All new homes in Monroe are required to have water meters installed in pits in the front yard. Older homes will probably have meters located inside the premises. Each meter is read remotely by use of radio technology. The unit that allows this technology to be used is located on the lid of the water meter pit, so please be careful while mowing or working around the pit lid to prevent damaging the read unit. 

Damaged Water Meters

If we are unable to read your meter due to damage to the radio read unit, the homeowner will be billed for the repairs. Please do not cover the water meter pit with sod or landscaping. If the pit has been covered with landscaping, we may not be able to read the meter. The homeowner will be contacted to have a plumber of their choice, or a technician from the City of Monroe, correct the problem by raising the pit. The homeowner will be responsible for the cost for all labor and materials needed. If a technician from the City of Monroe corrects the problem, the City will not be responsible for damage to landscaping while completing the repair.

Leak Detector Indicator

The meter also contains a leak detector indicator. This is a small, red asterisk to the left of the center of the dial. This indicator moves even with minute amounts of water flow. If all water-using appliances are turned off and not using water, the indicator should not be moving. If it is, there is a leak somewhere in the home distribution system. It is your responsibility to have leaks repaired unless it is at the meter itself.

Inaccurate Meters

If you think your meter is inaccurate, you may request your meter be certified by removal and testing of the device. If the meter is tested and meets the accuracy standard, you will be required to pay the charge set forth in the rate schedules for the test. If the meter is found to be registering more water than is truly passing through it, above the standard, you will not be charged for the test, and a billing adjustment will be made to compensate you for the over registration.

Water Meter Maintenance & Accessibility

The meters are owned, installed and maintained by the City of Monroe. Water meters must remain accessible at all times for reading, inspection and removal for repairs. Meter locations must be approved by the Monroe Water Department, as are any changes in the location of the meter.

Water Meter Upgrades

Beginning December 31, 2012 the FCC regulations required the City to update our reading equipment including the transponders attached to the meters and in some cases, the entire meter. Instead of charging each resident for the upgrade to their meter per Ordinance 1040.10, Council adopted a $3 per month fee for all residential customers to fund this initial project as well as future upgrades to the meters and reading system. Commercial customers will still be billed individually for the replacement cost of their meters per the Ordinance.