Water Meter Requirements

All new homes in Monroe are required to have water meters installed in pits in the front yard; however, in many older homes or buildings, the water meter is located located inside.  
Each meter is read remotely by use of radio technology.  The radio unit that transmits the readings is located on the lid of the water meter pit, so please be careful while mowing or working around the pit lid to prevent damaging the read unit.   Additionally, please do not cover the meter pit lid with sod or landscaping.

Water Meter Maintenance & Accessibility

Water meters are owned, installed, and maintained by the City of Monroe Public Works Department.  Water meters must remain accessible at all times for reading, inspection, and removal for repairs.   Any changes in the location of the meter must be approved by the Monroe Water Division.

Water Meter Upgrades

Beginning December 31, 2012, the FCC regulations required the City to update our reading equipment including the transponders attached to the meters and in some cases, the entire meter. 
Instead of charging each resident a costly, up-front charge for a new meter, Council adopted a $3.00 per month meter replacement fee to fund this initial project, as well as to fund future upgrades to the meters and meter reading equipment (Ordinance 1040.10.)