Play It Safe

If you experience symptoms that you think could be from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning:

  • Do get fresh air immediately. Open doors and windows, turn off combustion appliances and leave the house. Call 911 from outside your home.
  • Do go to an emergency room and tell the physician you suspect CO poisoning. If CO poisoning has occurred, it can often be diagnosed by a blood test done soon after exposure.
  • Do be prepared to answer the following questions for the doctor:
    • Do your symptoms occur only in the house? Do they disappear or decrease when you leave home and reappear when you return?
    • Is anyone else in your household complaining of similar symptoms? Did everyone's symptoms appear about the same time?
    • Are you using any fuel-burning appliances in the home?
    • Has anyone inspected your appliances lately? Are you certain they are working properly?