Public Education

Community Education

The Monroe Fire Department is committed to providing the community with life safety education. We believe in the power of prevention and education and offer a wide range of services. Our aim is to reduce life and property loss in our community. By educating those who live and work in Monroe we can safe lives

Our highly trained Education Specialists are available to present a variety of programs for our schools, organizations or businesses. They provide these services for child, adult and senior safety and injury prevention education throughout our community. Below are some of the programs that are provide to the community.


Many of the nation's annual 5,000 business fires could be prevented if companies and employees followed basic on-the-job safety practices. The Education Section has put together a program designed to assist employers and their employees in workplace safety. Topics that are covered include; electrical & equipment safety, keeping exits and stairways clear, evacuation plans and fire extinguishers.

Federal Regulations require that employers who provide portable fire extinguishers in the workplace must also provide training in the proper use of extinguishers. Used properly, portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out a small fire in the workplace or containing one until the fire department arrives.

Child Safety Seats

We offer free child safety seat inspection and installation. Call  513-539-8380 to schedule your personal child seat installation. When you come for your inspection please make sure you have both the owners manual/instructions for your safety seat and your vehicles owner manual.

For more information on these or other programs contact the Fire Department at 513-539-8380.

Civic Groups/Homeowner

A variety of programs including fire and water safety are available to adult audiences.

The fire safety program is designed for the homeowner as well as those who live in apartments, townhouses or condos. Topics that are covered include; what causes most residential fires, prevention measures, what to do in case of a fire, what to do after a fire has occurred in your home, and what services the Fire Department offers. Additional information regarding proper placement of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and drafting and practicing an evacuation plan will be covered.

The water safety program is designed for homeowners that have swimming pools, but there is also good information for those people who live in areas where there is a community pool. Topics that are covered include; common causes of drowning/near drownings, prevention measures, what to do in case of an accident and reporting an emergency. Participating in a CPR class is also stressed in our presentations. Knowing CPR is an important tool to have not only in drowning incidents but in other emergencies as well. Information on who to contact and where CPR classes are held is made available.

CPR/First Aid

The Monroe Fire Department is dedicated to the safety and well being of our residents and visitor. We offer both CPR and First aid training, at a minimal fee, to aid our citizens in being prepared for emergencies. Classes are offered throughout the year at either our fire stations or your facility.

Fall & Fire Safety for Our Older Adult Population

Each year, approximately 7,000 older adults, age 65 and older, die as a result of home falls, and an additional 1,000 die in their homes from fires or burns.

Since as we get older we become more vulnerable to falls and fire the Monroe Fire Department has put together programs to address those needs. We offer presentations that cover the following: slip and fall prevention, cooking safety, smoke alarm maintenance, escape plans and call 911.

Health & Safety Fairs

Educational Specialist are also available to participate in your companies or groups health and safety fair to address a variety of topics including fire safety, water safety, disaster preparedness and child safety.

Operation Prom/Grad Program

This program was specifically developed for Junior and Senior high school students and is presented prior to Prom Night and Graduation. The program centers on the increased incidents of drinking and driving that typically occurs during the prom and graduation season. A mock alcohol-related accident is graphically depicted for the students followed by a safety presentation on seat belt use, the judicial system and spinal cord injuries. The programs intent is to discourage high school students from drinking and driving.

Operation Prom/Grad is a cooperative effort between the Fire Department, Police Department, School Officials and the school's SADD Chapter.

Preschool Program

The purpose of our visits to the preschools is to educate children about fire and water safety. As a result of our safety education programs we have been able to lower the number of children who have died or been injured in fires and water related incidents. Safety messages that are covered are:

  • Matches and Lighters Are Tools Not Toys
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • 911
  • Never Swim Alone
  • Pool and Water Safety Rules

Project Open House Program

This program provides residents of our community with the unique opportunity to observe the devastating effects of a home ravaged by fire. We allow access to the public into a home that has recently suffered a fire. With the permission of the homeowner and their insurance carrier we open the home of a recent fire for the public to tour. Success is based on sensitive cooperation with the fire victims who have agree to share their personal tragedy with the general public.

The tour not only provides the opportunity to tour a home that has suffered a devastating fire but also allows the community to learn fire safety behaviors that could prevent fires and save lives. Fire Department personnel lead tour groups through the home and provide information on fire and burn prevention and answer questions the public may have.

The emotional impact of an actual fire provides a heightened awareness to the ravages of fire.

School Program

Our safety classes are age specific. Each class is designed to meet the educational, physical ability and reasoning skills of the students. Safety messages that are covered are: Fire Safety, Water Safety, and General Injury Prevention. We also offer Kitchen Safety and First Aid - What to do Before the Fire Department Arrives to middle and high students.

These programs are also appropriate for Scout Groups or After School Programs.