Fire Inspections

The City of Monroe’s Fire Code authorizes and requires the Fire Department to inspect all commercial properties subject to fire regulations.

Fire Inspection Goal

The goal for Fire Prevention is for all businesses, operations, occupancies and events in the City of Monroe be safe, successful and in accordance with the Monroe Fire Code. Fire Inspections play a key part in meeting this goal.

Fire Inspections are initiated by permit request or by citizen observed fire code violations. At times incidents that occur can point out the need to focus on a particular industry or type of operation. Below are the most common types of inspections we conduct. If you have questions regarding a fire inspection or a possible fire code violation please contact us.

Types of Fire Inspections

The Fire Department does the following inspections:

  • Alarm Test
  • Final build inspections of new businesses
  • Review of all new building plans
  • Suppression System/Sprinkler tests
  • Total Occupancy determination
  • Yearly fire safety inspections of the businesses within Monroe

Cost & Scope

Inspections are provided to you at no charge from the City of Monroe. We offer these services free of charge to ensure our residents and businesses have every opportunity to remain safe. The scope of these inspections is identifying obvious fire hazards (i.e. electrical cords, combustible storage, blocked exits and hazardous conditions).


Violations are written by the Fire Inspector and require a re-inspection to ensure compliance with the code requirements. Non-compliance of requirements is subject to citation and legal action.