Paramedic Student Ride Along Program

About the Program

The Monroe Fire Department and Butler Tech recently placed a program into service that allows Paramedic students from Butler Tech to ride along with Paramedics from the Monroe Fire Department.

The program allows students to gain some insight into the operation of the pre-hospital care system, to see the relationship of the pre-hospital care system to the Emergency Department. It also allows students to better understand the functions of the paramedic. It also allows students to gain an appreciation for the types of situations encountered in the pre-hospital care management of a variety of medical conditions.


Paramedics stand on the front lines of emergency response and health care. Their sound training and judgment are tested every day. Certified paramedics can find jobs with private ambulance services, hospitals, clinics, fire departments and urgent care centers.

Paramedic students at Butler Tech attend 800 hours of classroom training and are required to perform about 500 hours in both hospitals and fire departments. The Monroe Fire Department looks forward to assisting in the training of these future Paramedic professionals.

Paramedics and student respond to car accident