Billing & Collections

fees and penalties

Please refer to the PENALTIES page for information regarding any fees and penalties that may be incurred. In addition to the fees listed, the City shall impose applicable trip charges on any account that has been shut off due to late payment;  improper application, installation, and inspection; lack of meter access;  because of a leak; or because of broken/tampered with meters. Please refer to the SHUT OFFS page for additional information regarding water service disconnections and fees. 

paperless utility bills

You may choose to receive your City of Monroe utility bills via email. This convenient, paperless system offers a secure and environmentally-friendly way to receive your monthly utility bill. Click HERE to be directed to our paperless utility bill vendor. 


The City of Monroe offers a number of different ways to pay your utility bill to include: automatic draft by ACH, online payments through Citizen Self Service, payment by mail to the City or to our PO box, drop off to one of the payment drop boxes at the City Building, and drop off in-person to City staff. For more information on the different ways to pay your bills, please refer to the PAYMENTS page. 


For information on rates billed for all city utility services, please refer to the RATES page.

refund policy

Refunds are issued on a case-by-case basis only. If you have any questions regarding your payment or if you feel you have made a payment in error, please email


Water service may be shut off for any of the following reasons: late payment; improper application, installation, and inspection; lack of meter access; because of a leak; water main breaks; broken or tampered with meters; and for matters of public safety. Please refer to the SHUT OFFS page for more information about water service disconnections. 

snowbird / deployment status

If you will be absent from your residence for 3 consecutive months or more you may qualify for snowbird status. All charges with the exception of the sewer flat fee of $4.27 will be suspended until you return. Refer to the SNOWBIRD / DEPLOYMENT STATUS page for program requirements. 

summer sewer credit

Butler County Department of Environmental Services has instituted a summer sewer credit for usage in the months of June, July, August, September, and October as an allowance for water not discharged into the sewer system. Please refer to the SUMMER SEWER CREDIT page for more information and FAQ's on the summer sewer credit. 

how to read your bill

Please refer to the HOW TO READ YOUR BILL page for more information on how to read your monthly utility bil..