Snowbird / Deployment status

If your property will be unoccupied for 3 consecutive months or longer, you may choose to participate in our Snowbird Program, which allows you to cease utility bills until you return.  

Here are some important notes about the Snowbird Program:

    • Only residential accounts are eligible.

    • The property must remain unoccupied for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. 

    • You may choose for the water to be turned off,  or you may leave water service on.  
      If you choose to have water turned off, a $35.00 trip charge (for turn-off) and another $35.00 trip charge (for turn-on) will be applied to your account upon your return.

    • The request to turn water off must be submitted at least three (3) business days prior to the desired turn-off date.

    • In some cases, the City of Monroe may not be able to turn the water off at the street valve; therefore, it will be your responsibility to turn water off at the main valve inside the home in order to prevent water leaks and water damage. The City will not be held responsible for compensatory damages due to water leakage in the home during your absence.  It is also recommended that you winterize the plumbing inside of your home.  

    • The monthly sewer flat charge, monthly street light charge, and monthly storm water charge will accrue while the billing is ceased.  These accrued monthly charges will appear on the first bill after you return.

    • The request to have water turned back on must be submitted at least three (3) business days prior to the turn-on date. 

If you are leaving and want to STOP your billing - click here! 

If you are returning and want to RESUME your billing - click here!