Summer Sewer Credit

The Butler County Water & Sewer Department (BCWS) owns and maintains the sanitary sewer system for the City of Monroe; however, to order to provide the residents of Monroe with the convenience of one bill for various utilities, the City of Monroe bills for sanitary sewer charges on behalf of Butler County.  Since the sanitary sewer system belongs to Butler County, the City of Monroe adheres to BCWS sanitary sewer billing policies.  

One of the policies that BCWS has instituted is for a summer sewer credit during the months of June, July, August, September, and October.  The summer sewer credit provides residents with an allowance for water that is not discharged into the sewer system.

Typically, the charge for sewer usage is based on the same amount of water usage that is billed.  Since water used for outdoor activities such as lawn sprinkling, car washing, and pool fills does not enter into the sewer system, BCWS considers it appropriate and reasonable to make certain allowances for these non-sewage volumes.

During the summer months of June-October, your sewer charges will be capped and will not exceed your average winter usage.  
(Your average winter usage is determined based on your water usage from November - March.)

If you are a new customer and do not have a winter history, your sewer cap will be set at 6,000 gallons for the summer sewer credits months (June-October.)