2019 Legislation


An Ordinance is the formal written enactment of Council in the exercise of a governmental power vested by the Constitution or statutes in the Municipality for the regulation of the conduct of its citizens or others subject to its control, and intended to be of permanent duration.  Every action of a general and permanent nature; or granting a franchise; or levying a tax; or appropriating money; or contracting an indebtedness, to be evidenced by the issuance of bonds or notes; or for the purchase lease or transfer of public property; or establishing an offense and fixing the penalty therefor, shall be taken by ordinance.

​Emergency Ordinance Number 2019-01 (PDF). An Ordinance authorizing the City Manager to enter into a real estate purchase agreement by and between the City of Monroe, Munafo Seven, Inc., and Ofanum Partners for the purchase of real property located at 601 South Main Street, Monroe, Ohio, and declaring an emergency.


A Resolutionis the formal written enactment of Council of a less permanent nature, not prescribing any permanent rules of conduct and usually required or applied to the preliminary declaration of legislative intent to be effectuated by the subsequent passage of an ordinance, or for the disposition of a specific matter not required by statute or Charter provisions to be done by ordinance.