Hazardous Materials Placarding NFPA 704

NFPA 704 is the labeling system used to identify hazardous materials within a building that is published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA 704 is a supplemental labeling system specifically intended for emergency responders, though other people can read and benefit from these labels in normal working conditions.

Emergency responders such as paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and others are trained to read and understand these labels. When the applicable NFPA 704 diamond is displayed, emergency responders are able to evaluate the situation to identify any risks these hazardous materials may pose, and to ensure they have the right equipment for the situation.

The NFPA 704 Diamond is a diamond-shaped placard that is divided into four sections. Each of the four sections is colored differently (blue, red, yellow, and white) and is used to indicate different types of hazards (flammability, health, instability, and special notes). White is indicative of a special hazard. Each section is typically filled in with a number between 0 and 4, which indicates the level of hazard that exists, 0 being the lowest and 4 being the highest.

The City of Monroe Fire Department, in compliance with NFPA and the State of Ohio Fire Marshal’s Office is requiring a label to be placed on building exteriors, containers, and doors of interior rooms housing 100 or more gallons of any flammable and/or hazardous liquid, gas or solid. For more information about NFPA 704 placarding please contact Monroe Fire Dept. at 513-539-8380.

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