Community Outreach and Education

Community Outreach and Education

The City of Monroe also participates in a Regional Storm Water Collaborative of southwest Ohio municipalities called Save Local Waters to correct and maintain compliant stormwater systems and performs community outreach and education efforts to teach children and residents about stormwater best management practices and what they can do to prevent pollution from entering our waterways. Keep your eyes peeled in the Monroe Messenger newsletter for decorate-a-rain-barrel or stream cleanup activities!

Upcoming Events

Join us for the 2023 "Clean Sweep" of the Great Miami River on September 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 

Your single biggest contribution to the health of our waterways is to prevent pollution from getting there in the first place. Many household items are toxic if allowed to enter the environment, and improper disposal of these items and chemicals is a significant source of residential runoff pollution. Do your part by ensuring that hazardous waste makes it to the proper authorities for disposal. Butler County provides a series of programs that are a combination of services provided by Butler County Recycling, local businesses and nonprofits. County programs are available at NO CHARGE to Butler County residents. Businesses and contractors with commercial quantities of materials are advised to contact Butler County Recycling for additional recycling opportunities. 

Monroe Messenger Stormwater Outreach

From the Monroe Messenger Newsletter, May 2023