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Park Message Board Application

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  2. The City of Monroe shall allow non-profit organizations to advertise upcoming events and/or schedules on our message board. The following guidelines shall be followed for the message board:
    • City of Monroe sponsored events shall take first priority.
    • Non-profit organizations will be allowed to advertise up to two weeks at a time.
    • If more than one group and/or organization wants to advertise at the same time, the time frame will be reduced to accommodate both or all groups and/or organizations. The City of Monroe may utilize each of the two sides of the message board to accommodate all requests if necessary.

    The message board can handle up to 48 characters per board. This breaks down to 12 characters per line with a total of four lines per board. If a group or organization chooses, they can have up to 96 characters of text. They format below must be used to state your advertisement. Please fill out both sides of the board exactly as you would like them to read. Please keep in mind that periods, commas, as well as any other punctuation count as one character.
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